Vermin Exterminator

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In Vermin Exterminator, you are an agent in an extermination agency. You will have to deal with the worst pests in town! Hopefully, you have an amazing powerful gauntlet to help you.

Each kind of vermins is sensible to only one kind of weapon. Along the levels you will face new kinds of enemies and earn new weapons.

You have little time to carry out the operation. Search the house and eliminate all the vermins before the time ends. Who will be the fastest Vermin Exterminator?

The game is built from the bottom-up for VR. Really manipulate your gauntlet to switch and load weapons. Enjoy the breathtaking house and office environments.

To succeed, you need to be quick at finding the enemies and make an efficient use of your gauntlet! Listen carefully and switch weapon at the right time (manage you power)! Of course if you are not affraid to see what's behind the door…
Are you ready to face your fears? Get Badass.

Genres: Horror, Shooter
Platforms: Windows
Status:On Hold
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Mineo Games

French indie studio focusing on Virtual Reality


Contest entries 2021

Pro PC Game of the Year
Best VR Prototype

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