Smash Track Drifters

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Smash, track race and drift your way into first place with Smash Track Drifters. An online multiplayer arcade racing game. Explore single player challenges and multiplayer mayhem with upto 10 friends in a private match or take on the world in random online matchmaking.

Play in one of three game modes :
Traditional lap based racing in a variety of conditions and environments
Drift point multiplayer competitions
Destruction bowl online multiplayer chaos (Early Access V2)

Use in game smash points to unlock new wheels and test drive one of the early access vehicles to find your perfect ride. Take out the competition and gain top rewards from first place.

I hope you've got a lead foot!

Genre: Action, Racing
Players: Single player, Online multiplayer
Platforms: Windows
Status: Released
Year: 2021

Diego Herrera

Country: United Kingdom
Members: 1

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