Heroes Forge: Battlegrounds

Game info

100 years before the dark breach of Aethernia the realm was flood in conflict, the big houses struggling for power, small clans plotting against each other and lone heroes fighting to survive. In the end all conflict is settled by blood. Grab your weapons now and claim your place among the great ones.

Heroes Forge: Battlegrounds, a prequel to the original Heroes Forge, heavily focused on player versus player actions. Strategic planning and combat mechanics allows you to win challenging battles even outnumbered.

- Heavy focus on Cooperative and Competitive gameplay
- Hundred of team combinations
- Deep tactical combat
- Cooperative Raids
- Guilds, Events, Missions, and much more

Genre: Adventure, Role Playing, Strategy
Players: Online multiplayer
Platforms: Android, iOS
Status: Released
Year: 2021
Link: apps.apple.com

Ten Percent Red

Small & Dedicated team with 10+ years of experience :)

Country: Moldova
Members: 2

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