Mirlo: Above the Sun

Game info

After years of balance and symbiosis, Mirlo's home is attacked and laid to waste by the Solarean civilization, a totalitarian regime that is expanding and slaughtering anything in its way. Solareans found a source of energy in the forest Beasts; they would lock them up in energy extracting machines and exploit them. Mirlo wants her home back, and she must return the forest to its essence and protection, she must free all Beasts.

Join Mirlo to save her home and her forest friends in a hack & slash adventure. Use Mirlo's attack to push and defeat enemies, jump to avoid hazards, and save all the Beasts. Features:
Hack and Slash Combat -
Action-Backed Gameplay -
Scenic Landscapes

Genre: Action
Players: Single player
Platforms: Windows, Steam
Status: Released
Year: 2021
Link: store.steampowered.com

DigiPen Bilbao - Kaiju in the Bayou

"Kaiju In The Bayou" is a team of 4th Year students at DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe - Bilbao. The team is formed by

Kerman Munitxa -
Mikel Sertutxa - Beñat Morisset - Oscar Sanchez - Mateo Couso - Ander Najera - Iñigo Arrieta - Amaia Bonachera - Ibon Andollo - Carlota Garcia - Aintzane Arribas

Country: Spain
Members: 11

Contest entries 2021

Hobby Game of the Year
Student Game Award

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