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Atmospheric narrative-driven game with platforming. Explore the ruins of a city in the aftermath of a nuclear incident. Made in 72h for Ludum Dare 49 for the theme "Unstable" (placed 2nd for Mood).

You were as excited as everyone else when they started building the power plant. Your town would become the site of a scientific breakthrough and burgeoning infrastructure. Now the city is in ruins. The streets are blocked, covered in the rubble of collapsing buildings and attempts at containing the fallout after the incident.

Those who survived were evacuated, but the disaster is far from over. The situation is still on the verge of poisoning the continent for good. They say what remains of the core could explode any day now. Someone has to go in to stabilize the reactor.

Find the power plant schematics, traverse the underground passages, reach the reactor and use the stabilizing reagent. Will you make it before all is lost?

Made in 72h for Ludum Dare 49 (Theme: Unstable).

2nd place for Mood, 54th for Audio, and 79th Overall out of 2204 in LD49 Jam ratings.

Commercial:Game is Free
Genres: Adventure, Interactive Fiction, Platformer
Players: Single player
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Released, 2021
Platforms: Mac
Status: Released, 2021
Platforms: Linux
Status: Released, 2021
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