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Bomb Squad Mastermind is a simple, timed puzzle game. Race against the clock to find the correct color pattern "code" to defuse a bomb in under 60 seconds.

Bomb Squad Mastermind is a simple puzzle game created for One-Minute Game Jam #5.

You need to race against the clock to find the correct color pattern code to defuse a bomb. You have less than one minute to defuse a bomb.

Simply click or tap the colored buttons in different sequences to try to guess the code's pattern. As you press the buttons, the 4-color code you entered will be displayed on the screen.

A check will indicate a correct color in the correct position in the code.

Arrows indicate a correct color in the code, but not in the correct position.

If you enter a 4-color sequence incorrectly, the timer will decrease by 5 seconds. It will continue to decrease exponentially for each incorrect 4-color sequence.

In Easy Mode, all four colors that make up the pattern will only be used once. If you turn Easy Mode off, a color may be repeated more than once in the code's pattern.

Be quick. Be smart. You are the bomb squad's mastermind.

Commercial:Game is Free
Genres: Puzzle
Players: Single player
Platforms: Browser
Status: Released, 2022
Game Link:

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