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Published by Bumble3ee Interactive S.L.

World-Splitter is a 2D² puzzle platformer, challenging you with multidimensional puzzles.

You'll travel through wonderful and fantastic worlds that are beautifully animated and filled with tricky challenges.

The game features a unique gameplay mechanic: A combination of jump & run elements with logical thinking puzzles. Each level consists of two parallel worlds separated by the 'Dimension Rift '. The character can move freely through the Rift and interacts only with the visible parts of both worlds.

You have to master the Rift and make it pave your way through the worlds!

Genres: Platformer, Puzzle
Players: Single player, Local multiplayer
Platforms: Windows Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Game Link:

NeoBird GmbH & Co. KG

As the studio responsible for roguelike hack-and-slash arena fighter Infinite Dronin, mobile tower defense title Idle Dungeon Heroes, and upcoming puzzle platformer World-Splitter, NeoBird is best known for its versatility. Aside from developing interactive entertainment for PC, consoles, and mobile devices, the Germany-based studio utilizes its programming expertise for the planning, conception and development of complex individual software.


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