Immortal Tactics: War of the Eternals

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Experience a Fast-Paced Roguelite Turn-Based Strategy game with a New Turn-Based Engine which will need you to plan early on and create strategies that would lead your army to victory. Create an army with different Units and Leaders to choose from!

<<New Turn-Based Engine>>
A new turn based engine is incorporated in the game allowing you to have more interesting choices and strategies to create. With this new engine, you are able to plan carefully on what your next action would be - choose your moves wisely! Not using the standard moving and attacking alternatives, this game comes with different phases and lots more strategic planning required.

Get to master different units with each character being unique and different with lots of possible options and moves to choose from - use your characters wisely! Aside from the units in play, your Leader will guide you throughout your journey by providing skills and magic to make your journey a success.

Experience a refreshing take on every stage and world that you explore with a vast number of enemies and creatures that you will encounter. Each run and adventure will be a unique one and will have lots of replayability while considering there are various worlds to explore from. Aside from having a new experience everytime, the Environment also plays in a role of creating destruction that maybe of help to you or would bring your army to despair.

With different possible areas to explore, your leader and army should always be ready for the next unknown area!

<<A Strategy for Everyone>>
This game is friendly for newcomers to the genre and the more experienced ones will still have a fresh new take on this genre. Master and understand your leaders and characters well and you'll be able to slay your way through the wave of enemies and stages. Each character and Leader is different and will have their own strategies needed to slash your way through the hordes of enemies and lead your army to victory.

<<Game Features>>
Easy to Grasp, but Densely Strategic
Customizable Armies and Different Leaders to choose from
Experience a New Turn-Based Strategy Engine
Numerous Possibilies for the Army and the Explorations
Gorgeous Hand Drawn Pixel Art
Atmospheric Audio

Commercial: Game is Paid
Categories: Indie Category
Genre: Puzzle, Strategy, Turn-based, Tactics
Players: Single player
Themes: Medieval
Platform: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Unreleased, 2022
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Kenn Ong

Team Page: kenisoft
Members: 1

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