Game info

You're an architecture student working night and day on your project of construction. One evening, as you fell asleep in the studio, a noise from a little silhouette within your model interrupts your nap. It makes you understand that it wants to go out of your building but it is stuck! Indeed you've misplaced the doors, the stairs and the balcony that leads to the exit. Equipped with your tools you get back to work with the intention to help the silhouette to go out of your construction.

Category: Hobby
Platform: PC
Status: Beta

Architect Team

Student dev team from CNAM-Enjmin ! ARCHITECT is a VR game in which you will solve puzzle, experiencing peaceful immersion. ARCHITECT is also a student project from CNAM-ENJMIN, done in only two and a half month by a team of six!

Country: France
Members: 6