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An asymmetric heist game between a real-time strategy player versus up to 5 stealth action players.

Asym Altered Axis is a Cross-genre Asymmetric Heist Game between two different genres: real-time strategy base defense and co-op stealth action base raiding. The game is set in a present day and the players are immigrants to "Asym", another digital world that exists in parallel with the reality where players are fighting over digital resources called Cell. A strategy player sets their own stage with traps and protects a valuable Nexus from a team of action players who try to steal them and escape.

Strategy players are called Protectors and they set their own stages with traps to protect valuable Nexus. Action players called the Infiltrators form a team to steal Cells and escape.

▼The Role of Protector: CREATE & PROTECT
The Protector sets a level filled with traps and units which the action player team will have to carefully infiltrate to steal the valuable Nexus.
Each game round starts in total darkness with the Protector searching for the neon-glowing Infiltrators, tracking them with a spotlight from the skies. The Protector can hurl fireballs and summon guards, as well as set a huge swathe of terrain ablaze to cut off an escape route.

▼The Role of Infiltrators: INFILTRATE & ESCAPE
The Infiltrator can sneak in alone or go in guns blazing with up to 5 friends. The heist crew will infiltrate the Protector's stage, starting off under the cover of darkness. They can use smoke grenades and sidearms to evade detection and eliminate patrolling guards, and can even transform into an animal for a limited time by triggering Ultimate to make quick getaways.

If any Infiltrator is discovered or the Nexus is stolen, the stage will suddenly light up and all traps will become active, dramatically changing the pace of the game from tense stealth action into a flashy cat-and-mouse chase! Stealing Nexus will land you a huge payout of Cells but you need to escape from the portal to secure the Cells you've stolen.

Who will prevail: the Infiltrators who can steal the Nexus and successfully escape, or the Protector who is able to defend their treasure.

*Please note that the release date and commercial status are provisional and may be changed without prior notice.

Commercial:Game is Free
Genres: Action, Strategy, Real Time Strategy (RTS), Stealth, Level Editor, Base Building, Cross genre
Players: Online multiplayer, Co-Operative, Player vs Player, Player vs Environment, Real-Time Multiplayer
Themes:Sci-Fi, Heist, Building, Parkour
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Unreleased, 2023
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