Keylocker | Turn Based Cyberpunk Action

Game info

Keylocker is a Cyberpunk turn based rhythm JRPG inspired by the Mario&Luigi RPG series and Chrono Trigger, in which you play as the singer and songwriter, BOBO in a world without music, where she and the Jukebot Drummer Rocket will fight the authorities with the power of melody. Fuel your moves with the electric power of music in this unforgiving planet by using real-time execution of moves in rhythm game style! Battle the authorities, unlock the secrets of Saturn, play on your own bands' concerts and hack into the network to bring an end to this corrupt system, for better or worse.

Category: Pro
Platforms: PC
Status: Unreleased
Year: 2020


Moonana is a indie game development studio created by Nana Moon. Virgo Versus The Zodiac, a timed-actions turn-based JRPG, is Moonana's first commercial project, launched in december, 2019. Moonana's newest project is on the works, called: Keylocker | Turn Based Cyberpunk Action.

Country: Brazil
Members: 5

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