Animals vs Zombies

Game info

modern remake of a famous arcade game!
Player moves around a field, which is populated by a number of zombies and viruses. The aim of the game is that you must limit them around as much as possible in the game arena. there is a time limit and Bonuses that can assist or hamper your efforts, such as 'speed/slow', 'time', 'life' or 'Surprise-Box'. Collect the right bonuses to survive.

You're a Hero! Fight for your land.

• Arcade classic games, super popular 80s games.
• Modern 3D graphics, optimized for mobile devices
• 40 challenging levels
• Smooth gameplay
• Easy Game Controls
• friendly gaming environment, fun game.

Genre: Puzzle, arcade
Players: Single player
Platforms: Android
Status: Released
Year: 2020

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Country: Egypt
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