Finders Reapers

Game info

Finders Reapers is an inventive third-person shooter.
Experience items raining from the sky, collect them, sell them and discover a whole new concept where cash is ammo.
Take on missions, fight it out online or battle against bots in custom skirmish mode.
It's time to prove you're the best!

Genre: Action, Shooter, Strategy
Players: Single player, Online multiplayer
Platforms: Windows
Status: Released
Year: 2021

Mosquito Cocktail

We're a collective of AAA Videogame developers.
After over a decade of working on some of the biggest titles for PC, console and mobile
we formed the Mosquito Cocktail.
An indie dev that combines our skills to make crazy, sometimes impressive but always fun games!

Country: United Kingdom
Members: 2

Contest entries 2021

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