Game info

AVA is a carefully crafted, tarot puzzle game about diversity and the tale of Ava, whose destiny is decided by a turn of the cards. The narrative broaches issues of gender, discrimination, prejudice and mental health.

Category: Pro
Platforms: iOS, Android
Status: Released
Year: 2020
Link: play.google.com


Independent studio based in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 2019, developing flagship game AVA.

Experienced core team members have developed several meaningful games before joining Stardust. Titles include First Strike, Cloud Chasers, Sacred 2 and Spell Force.

Multiple funding awards including Pro Helvetia. Exhibited at GDC, Gamescom and Nordic Games Conference.

Create meaningful entertainment which teaches about minorities. Celebrate diversity. Create role models for future generations.

Country: Switzerland
Members: 4

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