Puzzle story (A sad fairy tale)

Game info

It is a 3D sliding puzzle game with beautiful fairy tales.
As you solve the puzzle, the stories of the characters in the puzzle unfold.
You open the way for the characters, create a shelter, and participate in fairy tales. At the end of the fairy tale, we ask you questions about choices. We wanted to leave philosophical concerns about choice and fate through games.

And, like a short poem, pretty puzzles are prepared.
Here, it will be an opportunity to test your puzzle skills. From very easy puzzles to difficult puzzles, there are various steps arranged.

Don't worry.
Obviously, I'm sure you can do better than developers.

Genres: Puzzle
Players: Single player
Platforms: Android, iOS
Status:Early access
Game Link: play.google.com


"Let's gather up and have fun!""
It's our team's motto.
The game must be enjoyable in the making process to create a fun game.

A harmless game.
A game that families can enjoy together.
I will make a game that warms your heart.

Country:Korea, South

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