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Everything returns & repeats over and over, Like A BOOMRANG.

Parasight is a 2D Action RPG game with unique pixel graphics. I'm developing it for months.

Planet Earth, an epsilon of the universe or even less. After the creation of many origins, finally, the HUMANS have been created. Humans befriended all other creatures because of their good adjectives.

But, one day a soul extract hunter, hunted a human and extracted the human's soul & injected it into itself. The hunter achieved great power. Soon after that other creatures find about it and tried to kill humans to get their power.

The power was almost impossible to control! after a while, these creatures have gone mad and became thirsty for power, they lost their minds and tried to kill each other or even themselves to extract extra souls to get more power!

Following this, the human race extinct, and all creatures who injected humans souls died.

Only one man from the stynex race was able to control the human soul's power, but because of the great power he achieved, he became a tyrant king and ruled the Nevermore island.

but then, one day, a meteorite landed on Nevermore island. all of the people of Nevermore island lost their memory because of the meteorite effect. nobody knows what happened after this!

Several years passed since the meteorite incident, still, another cruel king rules the Nevermore island, like the man from the Stynex race, he injected the last human soul extract and was able to control the power. Only a human's soul is powerful enough to defeat this king and free the people of Nevermore island.

But how? The humans race been extinct many years ago...

at these mad times, you have been chosen by The Great Calnir to free the people of Nevermore island and end this madness. YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE!

The story follows in the game I can't say more, or it will be spoiled!

The protagonist of the game

Thy name is Dishlione. You can choose a class for him, there are 6 classes in the full game, but only 2 of them are available in the demo, Wizard, and Knight. (you will have more options on the full game)

The Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is in soulslike style. you can be a Knight, Wizard, etc.
You can choose between many weapons, armors, rings and more! your actions have consequences! there are many ending in this game, and it will be depended on your actions!

You have three options to deal with the bosses in the game, fighting, social battle or battle soul! you choose to do it peacefully or tempestuous.

Explore the vast nevermore Island to find what happened to the last tyrant king and old settlers. there are many side stories in the game.

The demo

The demo is a very small part of the full game, I've created it to show the art style, gameplay, and the base idea of the full game.

*The full game may vary from the demo*

Genre: Action, Role Playing
Players: Single player
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Status: Unreleased
Year: 2022

Amir Salemi

Country: Canada
Members: 1

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