Chameleon MAN

Game info

Be a Chameleon Man, play, swim, slide, sometimes in a line like Tarzan in a world full of colors. 1. We wanted to add a special element beyond simple side-scrolling games. In a world full of colors, I tried to mix a variety of genres that are not limited to 'running', such as running, swimming, sliding, and sometimes rowing like Tarzan. You can change the color of the chameleon, change the color of the puzzle, sometimes it is full of puzzle elements, sometimes it clears the stages of examining the player's physical, feels the various colors of popping up from here and there, The sounds make the player feel the rhythm. 2. The player will experience not only running in 100 stages but also various experiences such as sliding, swimming, tightrope, and big boss. If you run well, you can not clear everything. You can lower your difficulty level by upgrading your character with an item called Gem that you will gain during play. The way to break even the same stage is divided into various routes, and if the player wants to meet all of the challenges, the stage must be cleared with a special route. Except for all of the above, the player simply passes through the object on the screen and enjoys popping effects, sounds, etc. That's all! 3. Cyan, yellow, and magenta using three colors, I tried to give a colorful sense of color with a feeling of neon sign. I tried to give a simple and long-lasting comfortable feeling with dot graphic, and I designed the cut scenes that appeared in themes with the feeling of American comics. These designs will be available in the global market as well as in the domestic market. 4. Our team is a group of 5 college students. We have developed a slow but careful game with our own skills, we have been studying in various fields, adding stages and fixing bugs. We are in the process of modifying feedback and additional content meetings and work more than 5 hours a day. We are constantly communicating with Soften, which has helped publishing issues related to publishing. I think the technology and quality are not at all pitched to other indie games posted on the App Store, but if you do, I want to converge and edit right away. and one more game play video

Category: Pro
Platform: Android
Status: Beta


Our team is a team of college students studying games.We wanted to create a unique type of work rather than the existing game.

Country: Korea, South
Members: 5