Miska's Cave Wins 5th Weekly Vote of 2021!

Our fifth weekly vote has come to an end and the Winner is Miska's Cave by SoulFlee from USA! Congrats to the Winners! And huge thanks to all voters!

Miska's Cave is an action-centric side scroller with strategic components and animated with pixel art. Play as Miska, the inexperienced rabbit who wishes to conquer the cave.

Check out Miska's Cave here!

Runners Up:
Vectors by Hanna Hanna Games (Brazil) - 2nd Place
Path of Kami Prologue by Captilight (USA) - 3rd Place
Rest of the Nominees (in alphabetical order)
16-Bit Soccer by Sprakelsoft (Germany)
Content Creator's Internet Adventure by Saladite Games (USA)
Fast Finger Rule by Spectre17 (Belarus)
Finders Reapers by Mosquito Cocktail (United Kingdom)
Tank War Nexus by Estenio Garcia (Brazil)
Traceur's Dreamlab VR by Icegrim Softworks (Austria)