GDWC 2021 Weekly Vote Round 10 Nominees!

Fan Favorite Weekly Vote Round 10 for GDWC 2021 is here! Check out the nine awesome competitors below, pick your favorite, and go vote them to the top!

As always, the winning game moves on the the final round in Fan Favorite category.

Ascii The Brave Cat
Workyrie, Thailand
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Dodge & Pursuit
Joao Marcos, Brazil
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Höll Space 5D6
5D6 Games, Germany
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Hieroglyph: Prologue
Manti-Core-Dev, Russia
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How We Know We'Re Alive
Motvind Studios, Sweden
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Kick It, Bunny!
Dillyframe, Russia
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Road Works Runner
Why Am Locked, Russia
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The Light Of The Darkness
Quartomundo, Brazil
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The Transylvania Adventure Of Simon Quest
Programancer, USA
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