Top 10 Games From Your Country

Every Wednesday a well-received series of Top 10 Games are uploaded to the GDWC's YouTube channel. In the series, Community Manager David goes through the best games per country. All of them have participated in the GDWC in previous years. 

Last week's games were showcased from Brazil, the fifth-biggest country in the world with tons of amazing games. Let the video speak for itself. You can comment on the video about which country you want to see next!

Top 10 Games from Brazil:

Make The Burger by Creative Hand
Devil Inside Us: Roots Of Evil by MrSkull
Red Ronin by Wired Dreams Studio
Galaxy Champions TV by aQuadiun
Karma City Police by Meca Games
Alien Holiday by Bradipo Games
Handcop by Jeff Ramos
Elves Clan: Tricky Seasons by Elves Clan Collective 
Dandara by Long Hat House
Keylocker by Moonana