Top 10 Games From Finland

In this week's episode of Games from Your Countries, we journey north to "the land of a thousand lakes", Finland. The home of Santa Claus and The GDWC, Finland is famous for saunas, high-quality education, Nokia, and being the happiest country in the world. Finland is also well known in the world of gaming. With massive studios such as Supercell the developers of Clash of Clans, Sulake the developers of Habbo Hotel, Remedy Entertainment the developers of the Alan Wake, Max Payne, and Control, Housemarque the developers behind Returnal, and of course Rovio the developers of the Angry Birds series. Besides big-name studios, Finland has indie games such as Hill Climb Racing, Javelin Masters, and the Lakeview Cabin Collection.

Top 11 Games from Finland
Fat Bear Week by Team Fat Bears
Taphouse VR by Catland
Janitor Bleeds by Korpus
Tyrant's Realm by TORA Group
Dreamscript by Script Deprived
Puddle Knights by Lockpickle
NoReload Heroes by Stupid Stupid Games ltd
MindSeize by Kamina Dimension
Claybook by Claybook Team
Children of the Eclipse by Nutfarm Games
Iron Danger by Action Squad Studios