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Cognac is a Multiplayer, PVP, Online/LAN First Person & Third Person Shooting Game with Ultra-Realistic 4K Graphic support made for medium to heavy gaming machines, ranging from Intel's i3 - i9. Cognac supports any Windows system currently above Windows 7 to 10. Euphoria is itself an art masterpiece with thousands of unique things to notice, that is way more unique and immersing to play than world's top Multiplayer Games. We have taken the Level of Gameplay & Functionality to another higher level. It's so fun and mesmerizing to play this game that everybody who plays just loves it.

Cognac has characters in the form of Humanoid Animal Mutants which have unique Wild-abilities and self re-spawning system. Each character boasts a unique powerful yet convincing look with good functionality & in-game physics and mechanics. Euphoria is currently in development, and it will soon be made to its full potential after real investments from funders. We are looking forward for making this game a revolutionary breakthrough in multiplayer game mechanics in the industry! hope people will help us too. :D
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Cognac is an online multiplayer TDM game with photo-realistic maps created using real-life environments. Cognac is playable on any PC from bottom to up.
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