DigiPen Bilbao - Hangover Studios

Team info

"Hangover Studios" is a team of 2nd Year students at DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe - Bilbao. The team is formed by 6 programmers and 5 artists:

Eneko Garmendia // Programmer
Markel Fernández // Programmer
Markel Sevilla // Programmer
Iñigo Ojinaga // Programmer & Engine Lead
Elgar Pagnussatt // Lead Designer, Programmer & Producer
Aitor Garmendia // Designer, Programmer
Leyre Fernández // Designer, Artist & Producer
Oihane Fernández // Designer & Artist
Irune Aguirreazaldegui // Artist
June San Sebastian // Artist
Estibaliz Gómez // Artist

Team Games


After witnessing her village being destroyed and slaughtered by the Oni demon, Hiroko has only one goal: revenge. Join this young samurai in this 2D side-scrolling combat game.
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