Top 10 Games From Japan

On the second episode of Games from Your Countries, we visit the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. Anime, food, technology, landscapes, cars, there is almost a limitless amount of things Japan is famous for and games are definitely on that list. From Nintendo and Sega to From Software and Capcom, Japan has been putting out big hit games for over 50 years now. While big studios from Japan have seen massive popularity across the world, Indie developers have seen little love.

Top 11? Games from Japan
Penguin's Dogma by MIyako publ.
Collect Bits! by LOCOBIT Inc.
Cube Directiont by bbbw
Mousebusters by Odencat
Craftopia by Pocketpair
Marfusha by hinyari9
Sumire by GameTomo
Shores Unknown by Vallynne
PLAY DOG PLAY TAG by Project Pegasus
Tiger Trio's Tasty Travels by Oink Games Inc