Top 10 Games From Phillippines

In this episode of Games from Your Countries, we journey East to an archipelago of over 7000 islands, Philippines. While the Philippines exports loads of electronics and fruits, they have also published multiple interesting games. Notable games from the Philippines would be the anti-platformer Kill The Plumber and potion shop management game Potion Punch.

Top 10 Games from Denmark
TrueLies by Rafael Production
Xander's Watch by Zedgames
Trance by Pantoy Games
BlamBox by Heavenward Games
Unruly Delivery Company by Kenn Ong
Garrison: Archangel by Project G:A
Immortal Tactics: War of the Eternals by Kenn Ong
Ash of Legends by Pcubed VR
Fallen Tear: The Ascension by Winter Crew
Goblin Stone by Orc Chop Games