GDWC 2021 Weekly Vote Round 6 Nominees!

Sixth round of weekly votes is here! Now is the time to make history! Check out the Nominees below!

As always, the winner of the Weekly Vote will move on to the Final Vote on the Fan Favorite category at the end of the GDWC 2021!

Artillery Royale
weheartprojects, France
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Brutal Dinosaur
Animas Games, Chile
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For Evelyn
Kisuarts, Finland
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Heroes Forge: Battlegrounds
Ten Percent Red, Moldova
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Jei Vr
Lineindevs, Russia
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One Pixel
Dash Tap Games, Brazil
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Rogue Waves
Diego Rodrigues, Brazil
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Smash Track Drifters
Diego Herrera, United Kingdom
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Swords & Bones
SEEP, Italy
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