Fan Favorite Vote Round 28 Launches!

As we're entering further in the Autumn and inevitable Winter, we're also kicking off another Fan Favorite weekly vote. This week's lucky number is 28. Once again, check out these awesome games, pick your favorite, and cast your vote. Remember that the winner is one step closer to earning the crown of Fan Favorite 2021.

Edda Cafe
Mushroomallow Studio, Indonesia
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I See Red
Whiteboard Games, Argentina
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Iron World
Iron Games, Russia
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Lucy Dreaming
Tall Story Games, United Kingdom
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Mirlo: Above The Sun
Digipen Bilbao - Kaiju In The Bayou, Spain
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Northern Journey
Slid Studio, Norway
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Power Of Slide
Abg, Russia
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The Mole Men
Molton Studio, Switzerland
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Woodland Empire
Obvlong, USA
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