These are the GDWC 2021 Finalists!

We are proud to announce the 45 nominees for 9 categories. Finalists are shown in alphabetical order.

Pc Pro Game of the Year
A Winding Path by Three Eyed Games (Germany)
Alina and the Arena by PINIX (Taiwan)
Lost Twins 2 by Playdew (Pakistan)
Lost Words: Beyond the Page by Sketchbook Games (United Kingdom)
Northern Journey by Slid Studio (Norway)

Pro Console Game of the Year
Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo by Galla (USA)
Okinawa Rush by PixelHeart (France)
Operation:Tango by Clever Plays Studio (Canada)
Sunblaze by Game From Earth (Belgium)
Unpacking by Witch Beam (Australia)

Hobby Game of the Year
Arid by Sad Viscacha Studio (Netherlands)
Avian by Royale Monkey (France)
Frame of Mind by [SAMPLE TEXT] Studios ltd (New Zealand)
If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers by Dead Idle Games (Germany)
There You Are by Funky Dango (Norway)

Mobile Game of the Year
Dive in the Past by 3D Research Srl (Italy)
Gridpunk by neverGames (Romania)
Mojito the Cat: 3D Puzzle Labyrinth by GTZAStudio (Spain)
Puzzle Story by Moraksoft (Korea, South)
Svoboda 1945 by Charles Games (Czech Republic)

Best VR Game
A Township Tale by Alta (Australia)
Maskmaker by InnerspaceVR (France)
Soulace by Sander Bos (Netherlands)
Squingle by Ben Outram (United Kingdom)
Ziggy's Cosmic Adventures by Stardust Collective (United Kingdom)

Best VR Prototype
Booper, Get Home! by Fletcher Studios (USA)
Rogue Ascent by Noonerbear Studios x Clique Games (USA)
Vermin Exterminator by Mineo Games (France)
VR-Enhance by Modulus (Malta)
VR Kayaking Game by Penguin Waffle

Student Game Award
Astreias Gift by ASTREIA'S GIFT (France)
Incarnation by Idan Rooze (Israel)
There You Are by Funky Dango (Norway)

Game Jam Game of the Year
As One Against Our End by As one against our end team (France)
Get Out! by Ralph Anna James (USA)
Karnalita by Havana24 (Italy)
Self Apart by EL STUDIOS (Spain)
Twilight Tower by Aesth (USA)

We will not reveal the winners yet - they will be announced at GDWC 2021 Awards.

As an exception Fan Favorite Winner is already announced!

Fan Favorite
Winner: pureya by Majorariatto (Spain)

Avian by Royale Monkey (France)
Coromon by TRAGsoft (Netherlands)
Miko Adventures Puffball by Coriander Games (Egypt)
Scarlet Hollow by Black Tabby Games (USA)

Thank so much to everyone for participating. 2021 was a great year for the championship and we were really happy to see many amazing games. The competition was really tight. In March, GDWC will open registration again, and the new season starts.