August Top 10 Games have been ranked!

Another month has passed and another set of Top 10 games have been picked! Check this list out and you'll know what games you should be playing this month.

Two Falls (Nishu Takuatshina) took the first place for August. The game is developed by Unreliable Narrators, an independent video game studio from Quebec, Canada, who are creating narrative games with the goal of giving a voice to people that aren't heard often enough.

Two Falls (Nishu Takuatshina) is a narrative-driven game that lets you live the intertwining journeys of Jeanne, a shipwrecked girl stranded far from the French colonies, and Maikan, a young Innu forced to travel west when his people are afflicted by a strange illness. The story takes place in the wilderness of 17th Century Canada and your choices will shape the respective paths of our two protagonists, but the actions of one may have consequences for the other.

More info about Two Falls here.

2nd place: Backpack Hero by developer Jaspel. BACKPACK HERO is a fun, challenging and totally unique twist on your standard deck-building roguelike! Collect rare items, organize your backpack, storm the dungeons and vanquish your foes! More info about Backpack Hero.

3rd place: was taken by COGNAC Online Multiplayer Photorealistic Metaverse by Cognac Ultimate Devs Team. Cognac is an online multiplayer TDM game with photo-realistic maps created using real-life environments. More info about Cognac.

4th place: Sclash by Bevel bakery. Sclash is a tense 2D plug'n play samurai dueling game where battles are won with a single swing of the blade. More info about Sclash.

5th place: Scarlet Hollow by Black Tabby Games. Scarlet Hollow is an immersive horror-mystery with sharp writing, impactful choices, and meticulously hand-drawn art from award-winning graphic novelist Abby Howard. More info about Scarlet Hollow.

6th place: The Occultist by Pentakill Studios. A first person narrative horror videogame with hints of RPG. You will play an expert occultist who is able to see and to interact with the other reality and investigate paranormal cases. More info about The Occultist.

7th place: Redemption of the Damned by MiroWin studio A simulator of a hunt for evil spirits in the setting of 17th century European occultism with the combination of the structure and principles of Diablo I and combat mechanics of the Resident Evil 7-8 series. More info about Redemption of the Damned.

8th place: A World of Little Legends by Artimus. A World of Little Legends is "Minecraft layed flat" as someone described it. The game uses modern possibilities, yet wants to look like we have 90s games in our minds, but within a procedurally generated open world survival craft setting. More info about A World of Little Legends.

9th place: Hitori Kakurenbo Online by Infinite Thread Games. Social multiplayer based on the viral Hitori Kakurenbo japanese ritual. You play as the evil Doll or as one of the irresponsible teenagers that prepared the ritual in quick fun replayable games. More info about Hitori Kakurenbo Online.

10th place: One Last Breath by Moonatic Studios. All hope rests on Gaia, a powerful being born from mother nature's last breath. Use her abilities to alter the environment, escape from dangerous creatures, solve thoughtful puzzles and survive in this dying world while giving birth to it. More info about One Last Breath.

If you have a game and are interested in joining the championship, you can find more info, categories, and rewards on the GDWC 2022 site here.