We've partnered with Finnish electronics producer Valco to bring you more exciting rewards, this time to the Fan Favorite and Game Jam categories! Valco will provide the winning teams of both categories with two pairs of their coveted ANC (Active Noise Control / Cancellation) headphones.

To make the ANCs a very special pair of headphones, Valco combined the best available components with a touch of Finnish design, and had the famous Finnish mastering studio, Kesthouse, with over 20 years of experience, to perfect the sound quality.



Summer is steadily approaching even in Finland, and there are only occasional blizzards anymore, so to celebrate we've decided to kick off the Weekly Votes soon! In less than two weeks to be exact.

First Weekly Vote will take place on week 22, from May 25th to May 29th.

Rules are simple, we'll pick a handful of games that will face off for five days in an open vote to see who is the crowd's favorite. Once the polls open, everyone is free to vote, so if your game is on the poll, bring your fanbase to support you!



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