Game Development World Championship 2023 - Summer Season

Mobile Award

Awarded for the best mobile game of the Season

2023 winter Awards

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Accolade for Best Prototype - Winners

All Winners

Mobile Award details

Who can participate?

Mobile Award is open for solo developers and teams of all sizes.

GDWC will Nominate games for the Award from all participants, based on available information.

What games can be submitted?

Games still in-development and games fully released in past 12 months (since March 1st 2022.)

Both Commercial and Non-commercial games are welcome.

Games on mobile device platforms, iOS and Android, are accepted.

More than one game can be submitted.

What are the prizes?

Trip to Finland & visits to Finnish Game Studios for one Team Representative

Who decides the Winner?

Winner is decided by a Jury of games industry & adjacent industry professionals, veterans, and stakeholders appointed by GDWC.

When is the competition?

Submit your game to GDWC by end of May 2023.

Winner is announced in early July 2023.

How to join?

Join the competition by creating an account and submitting your team & game or games to the GDWC.

Join the over 42,000 game developers already competing!

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